Professional puppy training in the heart of Durham!

Helping you build a strong foundation for a lifetime of good behavior.

Whether you’re interested in joining a puppy class, enrolling your dog in puppy school, or booking private training, we’re dedicated to helping you raise a happy, confident dog.

We use positive reinforcement training methods not just because they’re effective, but because just like you, we want the best training possible for your dog.

Group classes

Our small group classes are designed to be fun for both you & your dog!

puppy school

Drop your puppy off on weekdays for a day of enrichment, training, and socialization!

Private Training

Get one-on-one help either in-person or remotely!

We offer:


  • Professional, credentialed trainers
  • Modern science-based training methods that work
  • Customized training plans – because every pup is an individual
  • Fear-free, reward-based training to create a LOVE for learning


What our clients say

“Marsha helps me celebrate both big and small wins and I feel so proud of all that Frankie and I have learned. Neither Frankie or I would be the same without her. One of my favorite things about Marsha is how much she cares about relationships between dogs and their humans. She ensures that I’m always working to build a better bond with Frankie and uses that to guide our training in a fear-free approach.”

“Marsha is an excellent teacher!! We have taken two classes with her – Learning to Puppy and Tricks with Clicks – and we are planning to take more. Both classes were engaging, practical and enjoyable with our puppy. Marsha offers such a kind, respectful & science-backed approach to training. She explains what to do and also explains why, and I always appreciated her feedback during class.”

“Needless to say, we ended up signing up for Learning to Dog’s puppy day care where Lulu continued to blossom! It’s hard to believe she was once afraid of other dogs, sounds, and textures because now she is ~very~ brave and bold. This is all thanks to Marsha and her intentional work introducing pups to the world in a way that feels safe and fun.

Our Lu is going to live a much happier life because we worked with Marsha.”

Providing professional force-free, positive reinforcement training, including puppy school, private puppy training, puppy classes, dog training, canine good citizen, and more in Durham, and surrounding areas including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Morrisville, Bahama, Northwest Raleigh. Our puppy classes are held in our training studio in central Durham (902 Cleveland Street).