Want the very best for your puppy, but short on time or not sure how to get your training and socialization program started? We are here to help!

We offer drop-off day training services in our downtown Durham training studio for puppies up to 6 months old. Your puppy will enjoy customized training sessions, carefully supervised play, and structured socialization opportunities.

Let us help you feel confident that the adorable puppy you fell in love with becomes the dog you will love forever.

Drop your puppy off 1-4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) for training, socialization, and enrichment. You’ll pick up a happy puppy ready for nap time! Here is what we work on:


We alternate stimulating and mentally engaging activities such as brain games and carefully supervised puppy play sessions, with quieter activities such as self-entertainment, crate training, and resting.

WHY? To help your puppy learn to settle down after stimulating activities. This is a crucial skill for all puppies to learn.


​Enrichment activities will include games and play that engage all of your puppy’s senses. We will also work on exposure to basic grooming equipment. Our focus will be on making sure your puppy has a positive association to new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

WHY? To build your puppy’s confidence around new things and experiences.


Puppies will begin basic lessons to learn new behaviors such as down, leave it, and coming when called. We use positive reinforcement to train all new behaviors.

WHY? Because the golden rule of positive reinforcement training is “whatever you reward, you get more of”.


We recommend that puppies enrolled in Puppy Preschool attend a puppy class so that you can practice the skills your puppy learns at Puppy Preschool at home. We have packages available that bundle services and provide you with exclusive alumni benefits for life!

Providing professional force-free, positive reinforcement training, including puppy preschool, private puppy training, puppy classes, dog training, canine good citizen, and more in Durham, and surrounding areas including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Morrisville, Bahama, Northwest Raleigh. Our puppy classes are held in our training studio in central Durham (902 Cleveland Street).