Puppy School

Puppy specific care for puppy specific needs!

We offer drop-off day training services at our Durham studio for puppies up to 6 months old. Your puppy will enjoy training, play, enrichment activities, and socialization. Our program is focused on helping you lay the foundation for your puppy’s long-term behavioral health.

Our puppy school is unique, just like your puppy!

Our puppy program is focused on helping you meet your puppy’s needs during this critical stage of development. Using brain-based science as our guide, we provide opportunities for safe socialization, age-appropriate training, and plenty of mental stimulation and enrichment to challenge your puppy’s developing brain and build their confidence.

Puppy School Activities

Because we offer small class sizes specifically for puppies at our school, the environment we cultivate is gentle, structured, and focused on meeting the needs of each individual puppy student in our care. The emotional, cognitive, and physical health of your puppy are at the core of our curriculum.

Behavior Training

Puppies will begin basic lessons to learn new behaviors such as sit, down, leave it, and coming when called. We use positive reinforcement to train all new behaviors.

WHY? The golden rule of training is “whatever you reward, you get more of”. Let us help you get more of what you want!

Enrichment & Socialization

Enrichment activities include games that engage all of your puppy’s senses. We focus on making sure your puppy has a positive experience with new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

WHY? To build your puppy’s confidence around new things and experiences. This will help prevent problems in the future.

Structured Activities

We alternate stimulating and mentally engaging activities such as brain games and carefully supervised puppy play sessions, with quieter activities to help your puppy learn to settle.

WHY? Puppies don’t come with an off switch preinstalled! We teach them how to settle down after something exciting has happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many puppies are at Puppy School?

One to four. We keep things small to provide an environment that is fun, but never chaotic or overwhelming for the puppies in our care. Every puppy gets loads of individual attention, and if we see anything of concern, we let you know at pick up to help you prevent future problems.

What is the trainer to puppy ratio?

There is a minimum of one certified dog trainer for every four puppies. A certified professional is present at all times, so you never have to worry when you trust us with your puppy.

Can my puppy attend Puppy School even if they are not fully vaccinated?

Before your puppy attends Puppy School, you will need to provide proof of at least one distemper/parvo vaccine administered at least one week prior to the first day of school, and proof of deworming or a negative fecal result. Puppies under 3.5 months are too young for a rabies vaccine, so it is not required for Puppy School.

We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommendations to ensure your puppy gets the socialization and training they need in a clean and safe environment. Please read these guidelines, found here. We use a disinfectant in our facility commonly used in vet offices to prevent the spread of disease.

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