Puppy School

Want the best for your puppy, but short on time or just feeling overwhelmed? We can help!

We offer drop-off day training services in our Durham studio (Monday – Thursday) for puppies up to 12 months old. Your puppy will enjoy training, supervised play, and socialization. You’ll pick up a puppy ready for nap time!

What we do in Puppy School


We alternate stimulating and mentally engaging activities such as brain games and carefully supervised puppy play sessions, with quieter activities to help your puppy learn to settle.

WHY? Puppies don’t come with an off switch preinstalled! We teach them how to settle down after something exciting has happened.


​Enrichment activities include games that engage all of your puppy’s senses. We focus on making sure your puppy has a positive experience with new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

WHY? To build your puppy’s confidence around new things and experiences. This will help prevent problems in the future.


Puppies will begin basic lessons to learn new behaviors such as sit, down, leave it, and coming when called. We use positive reinforcement to train all new behaviors.

WHY? The golden rule of positive reinforcement training is “whatever you reward, you get more of”. Let us help you get more of what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are Puppy School Sessions?

Sessions are 2.5-3 hours long. Drop off for morning sessions take place between 8:30-9am, and pick up is at 11:30. For the afternoon sessions, drop off is between 1-1:30, and pick up is at 4pm. If you need early drop off or a late pick up, please contact us to discuss options and/or availability.

Why can't puppies come for a full day?

Puppy brains are rapidly developing, and in order for them to learn and remember, they need about 18-20 hours of sleep a day. Much of that sleep should take place during the day in a quiet and soothing place. Dogs have different circadian rhythms than we do, meaning that their sleep and wake cycles are different than ours. Their deep sleep should occur during the day and at night, and their active periods occur naturally at dawn and dusk. (Do you have a ‘witching hour’ around dinner time? This is why!) Many behavioral issues can be at least partially mitigated by making sure your puppy is getting the restful sleep they really need during the day.

How many puppies are at Puppy School?

One to four. We keep things small to provide an environment that is fun, but never chaotic or overwhelming for the puppies in our care. Every puppy gets loads of individual attention, and if we see anything of concern, we let you know at pick up to help you prevent future problems.

What is the trainer to puppy ratio?

There is a minimum of one certified dog trainer for every four puppies. A certified professional is present at all times, so you never have to worry when you trust us with your puppy.

Providing professional force-free, positive reinforcement training, including puppy school, private puppy training, puppy classes, dog training, canine good citizen, and more in Durham, and surrounding areas including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Morrisville, Bahama, Northwest Raleigh. Our puppy classes are held in our training studio in central Durham (902 Cleveland Street).