The beautiful dog you see in this picture is Neechi. He’s my recovering reactive dog!

I know firsthand that caring for a dog who barks & lunges at other dogs can be stressful. I’d love to help you and your dog move from reactive to recovering! It’s not only possible, but we can do it using kind methods that are good for both you and your dog!

Learning to Dog’s program for leash reactive dogs is designed to support you and your dog through the steps to recovery, moving forward at a pace that makes the most sense for you and your dog.

You’ll learn essential leash handling skills, management strategies, and for those who are looking for real behavioral change, positive methods for helping your dog make good choices.



Our 3-Step Reactive Dog Program

You decide how many steps to move through. Some feel that Step One is all they need, while others may decide to work through Step Two so that they can attend our group class for reactive dogs.

Step 1: Skill Building Clinic

Learn essential leash handling skills and management strategies. You’ll work in small supportive teams with non-reactive dogs. Leave your own dogs at home!

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $55 for a 90-minute class

If you prefer, these skills can also be acquired in a private lesson. Please contact us at

Step 2: Skill coaching

This private coaching session will help us determine if you can use the skills you learned in the Skill Building Clinic with your own dog.

You can do as many skill coaching sessions as you like. When you and your dog are ready, you’ll be able to register for the group class!

Prerequisite: Skill Building Clinic or private lesson

Cost: $45 for 30 minutes

Step 3: Reactive Dog Group Class

In this 5-week group class, you’ll gain confidence in applying what you’ve learned when triggers are present.

Homework assignments will need to be completed each week to be successful in this class.

Prerequisite: Skill Coaching or private lessons

Cost: $250 for 5 weeks of class

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